IBF Services


Consultations and expert advice from the IBF team in regard to defining the optimal budget or project optimization, the choice of lighting equipment, lighting solutions and options, saving energy, and lighting management systems.

Selection of optimal solutions for security systems in the form of security lighting, fire alarms and evacuation sound systems, in accordance with the type of facility and standards, and their integration with the lighting project.

Lighting solution design

Design is defined depending on the complexity of the project and requirements of the client, and it includes:


Lighting management design

The project design for a lighting management system may be based on the DALI and KNX protocol or the POE system, depending on the type of facility and requirements.

The product includes a complete design solution, block diagram and functionality table, all aligned with the light design and the user requirements.

Safety system design

Designing security or 'Safety' systems involves the development of optimal design solutions for the SAFETY LIGHTING SYSTEM, FIRE ALERT, and the EVACUATION sound system, all in accordance with the current EU and world standards and legislation.

Harmonization of projects and documents

Development of project documentation for LIGHTING, MANAGEMENT and SECURITY SYSTEMS, harmonized in terms of technical and design functionality.

Documentation includes: CAD or BIM lighting design solutions, lighting calculations, lighting presentation books, 3D visualizations, project management and security solutions, equipment data sheets, and cost lists with detailed descriptions and project prices.

Sales and delivery

Offering equipment of 30 brands in several price categories, of various designs and uses, and supplying lighting and other designed equipment from reputable EU manufacturers, which includes complete logistics organization (transport organization, import, project commissioning and delivery to the construction site) and necessary technical and certification documentation.

Professional support and engineering

Expert advice and supervision of the assembly and installation of designed and delivered systems, as well as programming, commissioning and user training.

Creation and programming of lighting scenes according to the wishes and needs of users, as well as the assembly and installation of designed and delivered equipment, with our authorized installers, which guarantees the complete functionality of the project solution.


The maintenance of installed IBF lighting management systems, as well as security systems, on-line or on site, as well as servicing and supplying genuine replacement components.

Realization of potential factory complaints for products under warranty, including correspondence with the manufacturer, product analysis and replacement