TUGRA LED surface-mounted luminaire IP66

With maximum variability and scalability in wattages, optics and lengths combined with innovative connection options and easy mounting, Tugra if perfect solution for variety of projects.  

Whether as a single luminaire or light line: Tugra can be flexibly configured and scores with high efficiency (up to 189 lm/W), a long service life (up to 100,000 h), a high protection rating (IP66) and robustness (IK10) as well as tailor-made, high quality light. The timeless design brings a new aesthetic to demanding areas. Especially convenient: thanks to the modular concept, smart modules can be flexibly integrated into the system.


More flexible lenghts

No matter how large or small the room is – thanks to an extremely flexible length concept, Tugra adapts perfectly to any room size, either as a single luminaire or as a light line.

Seven different module sizes can be selected in 300 mm increments and can be freely combined – starting with the compact 300 mm variant up to the largest 2100 mm module. All module sizes are optionally available as luminaire or blanking piece, ideal for precisely configured light lines.


Smart refurbishment solution

Thanks to the intelligent length concept, 1:1 refurbishments can be implemented particularly easily with Tugra. The luminaire also has a seamless mounting channel for the retaining clips so that available mounting points can be used. This is ideal for 'big planning': with the 2100 mm variant, even extensive projects can be implemented quickly.


Redesigned IP66 end cap

Come what may – Tugra stays tight. Thanks to the combination of conventional plastic and thermoplastic material for the end caps, Tugra already achieves IP66 protection in its standard version. Highly practical is that the end cap has five different feed options – e.g. at the face side and laterally – and achieves the required seal even without a traditional grommet. This simplifies and quickens the installation.


Smart module with sensor

On request, Tugra is available with an intelligent end cap with sensor technology, e.g. for detecting persons. The sensor technology controls either the single luminaire or individually connected luminaire groups, and can also implement smart applications such as running light in parking garages. Subsequent conversion is quick and easy via the end caps.


Integrated barrier-free cable channel

No limits to flexibility and complexity: a barrier-free cable channel in Tugra provides the required clearance for non-lighting cables, e.g. solutions for data transmission. But also, for through-wiring or emergency lighting wiring purposes, the integrated cable channel provides appropriate clearance to get from one end of the luminaire to the other in record time.


Module with camera or Wi-Fi repeater

Cameras or 3D scanners provide a high level of security in parking garages and logistics zones. Customer- specific camera models can be integrated into the modules on request.

Using a module with Wi-Fi repeater, a stable Wi-Fi can be set up right into the last corner even under difficult architectural conditions – for example in parking garages and supermarkets.



Universal mounting plate

Universal mounting plate allows the easy and flexible integration of additional systems into the lighting network, e.g. emergency lighting signs or cameras.


Variety of colours

The standard version of the Tugra end cap is available in four colours: white, light grey, dark grey and black. Special designs in any RAL colour are also possible, for example individual corporate colours





Thanks to extremely flexible configuration options – ranging from lengths, luminous flux and distribution characteristic to mounting methods and smart modules – Tugra can be used to precisely equip even extensive projects with a single system.




Designed for efficient installation with just one person: clever features such as the seamless mounting channel and the modular concept make installation a simple and safe job.  Ideal for 1:1 refurbishments in record time.




As well as its high efficiency (up to 189 lm/W) and long service life (up to 100,000 h), Tugra LED scores with excellent, tailor-made light and a uniquely timeless design. At the same time, the modular concept with IoT modules offers maximum future security.



  • Efficient and durable: Economically attractive, with up to 189 lm/W and service life of up to 100,000 h
  • Outstanding quality of light thanks to TRILUX Varizon optic kit with five primary optics, prismatic profile and various prismatic foils
  • UGR19 variant with glare-free light for VDU workstations
  • Always fits perfectly: available in lengths from 300 mm to 2,100 mm in 300 mm steps
  • Implementing IoT via modules: Wide range of IoT modules, e.g. sensors, beacons, Wi-Fi, dip mesh and cameras
  • Integrated light management: Simple networking via a module with sensor technology and integrated LiveLink light management system
  • Mounting plate: Universal mounting plate for attaching external systems
  • Clever cable channel: Future-proof: cable channel for through-wiring with clearance for additional cables,e.g. data cables
  • IP66 and IK10 – robust all round: With IP66, optimal protection against dust and heavy splash water, and IK10 impact resistance gives Tugra high protection against knocks and vandalism
  • IP69K – from hard cases to HACCP: Dust-tight, protected against the ingress of water (high pressure, steam jets) and protected against high water temperatures – the IP69K variant of Tugra meets high industry standards and HACCP requirements for the food industry
  • Sustainable packaging concepts: Project-specific packaging and bundles minimise waste and plastic-free packaging protects the environment
  • Variety of colours: Four standard colours (white, light grey, dark grey and black) and individual special coatings for maximum colour freedom
  • Versatile mounting options: Everything is possible – surface-mounting, wire suspension, wall mounting, with use of trunking accessories on the continuous line support profile or with tube clips in more unusual locations
  • Always from the right material: Available in PC, PMMA or innovative bio-based plastic



More information about Tugra are available at Trilux website:

https://www.trilux.com/products/en/Indoor-lighting/Surface- mounted-luminaires/Tugra-LED-surface-mounted-luminaire-IP66/