A new dimension in decorative facade lighting - DMX-controlled led solutions

The perfect illumination and presentation of facades has always been part of our solution portfolio. Now, TRILUX is going one step further and can offer customers customized DMX-controlled LED solutions. They transform the building façade into a huge, flexible media screen.

This decorative outdoor LED light points and lines that are used as nets or grids for facade illumination can be used on almost all conceivable shapes and figures possible on a project-specific basis. Up to 100,000 light points can be controlled via DMX to precisely regulate or coordinate the light color and brightness of the LEDs. This enables an enormous variety of applications for attention-grabbing facade design, from dynamic colour changes to animated lettering and images to complex film sequences.



The foundation for the sales cooperation was laid by the "Port of Kiel" project, in which we transformed the sub-station of the new shore power plant at Kiel harbor into a giant media screen with a curtain wall of over 12,000 LEDs. This should have an informative character and represent the ecological goals of the port. Both the progression of the project and the result was appreciated by all parties and created a desire to work with a common approach. With realization of this project we are adding an additional decorative dimension to our portfolio of facade solutions and color-dynamic luminous ceilings giving a more versatile and "holistic" range of products.