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TUGRA LED surface-mounted luminaire IP66

With maximum variability and scalability in wattages, optics and lengths combined with innovative connection options and easy mounting, Tugra if perfect solution for variety of projects.  

Whether as a single luminaire or light line: Tugra can be flexibly configured and scores with high efficiency (up to 189 lm/W), a long service life (up to 100,000 h), a high protection rating (IP66) and robustness (IK10) as well as tailor-made, high quality light. The timeless design brings a new aesthetic to demanding areas. Especially convenient: thanks to the modular concept, smart modules can be flexibly integrated into the system.


More flexible lenghts

No matter how large or small the room is – thanks to an extremely flexible length concept, Tugra adapts perfectly to any room size, either as a single luminaire or as a light line.

Seven different module sizes can be selected in 300 mm increments and can be freely combined – starting with the compact 300 mm variant up to the largest 2100 mm module. All module sizes are optionally available as luminaire or blanking piece, ideal for precisely configured light lines.


Smart refurbishment solution

Thanks to the intelligent length concept, 1:1 refurbishments can be implemented particularly easily with Tugra. The luminaire also has a seamless mounting channel for the retaining clips so that available mounting points can be used. This is ideal for 'big planning': with the 2100 mm variant, even extensive projects can be implemented quickly.


Redesigned IP66 end cap

Come what may – Tugra stays tight. Thanks to the combination of conventional plastic and thermoplastic material for the end caps, Tugra already achieves IP66 protection in its standard version. Highly practical is that the end cap has five different feed options – e.g. at the face side and laterally – and achieves the required seal even without a traditional grommet. This simplifies and quickens the installation.


Smart module with sensor

On request, Tugra is available with an intelligent end cap with sensor technology, e.g. for detecting persons. The sensor technology controls either the single luminaire or individually connected luminaire groups, and can also implement smart applications such as running light in parking garages. Subsequent conversion is quick and easy via the end caps.


Integrated barrier-free cable channel

No limits to flexibility and complexity: a barrier-free cable channel in Tugra provides the required clearance for non-lighting cables, e.g. solutions for data transmission. But also, for through-wiring or emergency lighting wiring purposes, the integrated cable channel provides appropriate clearance to get from one end of the luminaire to the other in record time.


Module with camera or Wi-Fi repeater

Cameras or 3D scanners provide a high level of security in parking garages and logistics zones. Customer- specific camera models can be integrated into the modules on request.

Using a module with Wi-Fi repeater, a stable Wi-Fi can be set up right into the last corner even under difficult architectural conditions – for example in parking garages and supermarkets.



Universal mounting plate

Universal mounting plate allows the easy and flexible integration of additional systems into the lighting network, e.g. emergency lighting signs or cameras.


Variety of colours

The standard version of the Tugra end cap is available in four colours: white, light grey, dark grey and black. Special designs in any RAL colour are also possible, for example individual corporate colours





Thanks to extremely flexible configuration options – ranging from lengths, luminous flux and distribution characteristic to mounting methods and smart modules – Tugra can be used to precisely equip even extensive projects with a single system.




Designed for efficient installation with just one person: clever features such as the seamless mounting channel and the modular concept make installation a simple and safe job.  Ideal for 1:1 refurbishments in record time.




As well as its high efficiency (up to 189 lm/W) and long service life (up to 100,000 h), Tugra LED scores with excellent, tailor-made light and a uniquely timeless design. At the same time, the modular concept with IoT modules offers maximum future security.



  • Efficient and durable: Economically attractive, with up to 189 lm/W and service life of up to 100,000 h
  • Outstanding quality of light thanks to TRILUX Varizon optic kit with five primary optics, prismatic profile and various prismatic foils
  • UGR19 variant with glare-free light for VDU workstations
  • Always fits perfectly: available in lengths from 300 mm to 2,100 mm in 300 mm steps
  • Implementing IoT via modules: Wide range of IoT modules, e.g. sensors, beacons, Wi-Fi, dip mesh and cameras
  • Integrated light management: Simple networking via a module with sensor technology and integrated LiveLink light management system
  • Mounting plate: Universal mounting plate for attaching external systems
  • Clever cable channel: Future-proof: cable channel for through-wiring with clearance for additional cables,e.g. data cables
  • IP66 and IK10 – robust all round: With IP66, optimal protection against dust and heavy splash water, and IK10 impact resistance gives Tugra high protection against knocks and vandalism
  • IP69K – from hard cases to HACCP: Dust-tight, protected against the ingress of water (high pressure, steam jets) and protected against high water temperatures – the IP69K variant of Tugra meets high industry standards and HACCP requirements for the food industry
  • Sustainable packaging concepts: Project-specific packaging and bundles minimise waste and plastic-free packaging protects the environment
  • Variety of colours: Four standard colours (white, light grey, dark grey and black) and individual special coatings for maximum colour freedom
  • Versatile mounting options: Everything is possible – surface-mounting, wire suspension, wall mounting, with use of trunking accessories on the continuous line support profile or with tube clips in more unusual locations
  • Always from the right material: Available in PC, PMMA or innovative bio-based plastic



More information about Tugra are available at Trilux website:

https://www.trilux.com/products/en/Indoor-lighting/Surface- mounted-luminaires/Tugra-LED-surface-mounted-luminaire-IP66/

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A new dimension in decorative facade lighting - DMX-controlled led solutions

The perfect illumination and presentation of facades has always been part of our solution portfolio. Now, TRILUX is going one step further and can offer customers customized DMX-controlled LED solutions. They transform the building façade into a huge, flexible media screen.

This decorative outdoor LED light points and lines that are used as nets or grids for facade illumination can be used on almost all conceivable shapes and figures possible on a project-specific basis. Up to 100,000 light points can be controlled via DMX to precisely regulate or coordinate the light color and brightness of the LEDs. This enables an enormous variety of applications for attention-grabbing facade design, from dynamic colour changes to animated lettering and images to complex film sequences.



The foundation for the sales cooperation was laid by the "Port of Kiel" project, in which we transformed the sub-station of the new shore power plant at Kiel harbor into a giant media screen with a curtain wall of over 12,000 LEDs. This should have an informative character and represent the ecological goals of the port. Both the progression of the project and the result was appreciated by all parties and created a desire to work with a common approach. With realization of this project we are adding an additional decorative dimension to our portfolio of facade solutions and color-dynamic luminous ceilings giving a more versatile and "holistic" range of products.



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DELTALIGHT The Lighting Bible 14 - New collection & catalogue

2021 was also marked by the release of The Lighting Bible 14, a new edition of the cult publication of lighting manufacturer, Delta Light.

The Lighting Bible 14 offers an inspired exploration of the brand’s architectural lighting collection featuring a wide range of in-house designs and one in collaboration with guest designers. All products are developed, tested and manufactured locally at the brand's Belgian headquarters.

The Lighting Bible 14 presents a collection of ambitious new lighting solutions that explore the boundaries of design, performance, architecture and technology. Superior optics, attractive design, advanced flexibility and tangible textures are at the heart of Delta Light's new 2021 collections.

The Lighting Bible 14 is the first edition of its kind to come as a duo. The Lighting Bible 14 - Imagine, focuses on inspiration and architectural projects realized with Delta Light lighting. The Lighting Bible 14 - Create, focuses on the Delta Light product range, along with expanded product information and product photography. The story of The Lighting Bible 14 continues at deltalight.com/new, offering a hybrid experience of the new Delta Light collection.


New collection


Haloscan – Design follows optics

Haloscan embodies the spirit of innovation in The Lighting Bible 14. Designed around its flat optics, Haloscan combines an ultra-minimalist look and a pleasing light effect. The light is slightly spread by a flat sophisticated lens, creating up to 4 different beam angles, from spot to reflector, and even linear light.

To rotate and tilt smoothly, Haloscan uses Delta Light’s patented Ex-Centric rotation system, an asymmetrical joint that combines rotational and tilting capabilities in one fast motion. Haloscan is a family of accent lights that come semi-recessed, surface-mounted or as modules on magnetic profiles.



Zoover - Gentle texture

The pendant lamp Zoover adds texture, volume, and depth to the room. Designed as a shallow dome, Zoover hides away a circle of light, giving it different looks depending on the point of view. Looking at it from aside, the thermoformed shell has a very neutral appearance.

When lowering the viewpoint, more and more details catch the eye, such as the diffuse light that illuminates the inner textures of the scallop. The grand felt dome encapsulates a disc of light that offers diffuse light for general lighting, combining form and function.



Artuur - Design & versatility

Everything about Artuur catches the eye, be it its design, its optical compartment or its small protrusion when installed into the ceiling. Artuur comes as a downlight with sloping edges towards the centre, both round and square. The design twist is in the asymmetrical square version, easily deceiving the eye but inspiring you to present creative layouts.

Another design element is the convex lens on top of the deeply placed LED. The convex lens offers Artuur its sophisticated light effect and look. While offering an outstanding quality of light and cleanly delineated light effect, Artuur’s remarkable aesthetics wow you, even when it is switched off.

Additionally, Artuur can combine general lighting with wall washing, all within one luminaire. While its recessed LED provides pleasant general lighting, an added LED module softly throws its light on vertical surfaces.

When installed into the ceiling, Artuur adds depth to the room, owing to its gentle protruding ring. Small enough to be noticed, big enough to make a difference. Put the complete luminaire into a recessing kit and Artuur goes from extending into the space to becoming a trimless luminaire with refinement at its heart.


Multinova - Flip me, I'm made for it

With 2 different diameters, a down and down-up version and a limited height of only 69mm, you can apply Multinova in a multitude of ways. With its small dimensions, Multinova fits in any residential or hospitality project. As a track mounted luminaire, it suits any retail environment and with a prismatic sheet for reduced glare it even adapts in office settings. Moreover, Multinova can be used on magnetic profiles for general lighting.

Multinova comes in black or white and can also be finished in the warmer gold colour, to enrich its surroundings. To top it off – next to a sandblasted or prismatic optic – you can opt for a smoked sheet at the front for a more decorative touch. When turned on, the disc is fully lit, when turned off a deep dark arises, ideal in combination with a gold coloured Multinova.

Go for the ultimate statement by opting for clustered Multinova suspensions, coupled together in pairs or as a trio of enlightened discs. Use them in bigger spaces like lobbies, above reception desks or in open plan offices and combine beauty with functionality.

Apart from the recessed, surface mounted and track version, there are two ways to suspend Multinova. Suspended by cables, Multinova faces straight downwards, but as a rod suspension Multinova can be tilted up to 90° to face vertical surfaces as well. As such, one single suspension can dress up any room while a cluster of these serve to create eye-catching light settings.


Spy – A classic reinvented

Minimalism, functionality, and versatility are the key terms to describe the extensive Spy collection. Spy was designed to meet multiple lighting requirements, an ideal solution for accent lighting in residential, hospitality or commercial spaces. The Spy family presents a versatile and complete range that offers recessed, surface mounted and track applications in a wealth of lumen packages, beam options and LED colours as well as different colour finishes and combinations.

Following the constant changes in the world of LEDs and optics and the evolution to improve user comfort with more precise optics and better light control, the complete Spy range has been upgraded. The result? Fresh shapes and additional finishing colours, better light comfort through hybrid optics, improved LED colour consistency and new perspectives with Tunable White and Soft Dim.

The renewed Spy family of spotlights comes in a range of diameters to fit any purpose: 27, 39, 52, 66 and 90 millimetres. While the smaller versions come in the lively colours Flemish Bronze, Flemish Gold and Gold Coloured, the bigger Spy’s offer Tunable White and Soft Dim solutions in multiple beam angles.

With the addition of Spy 39 W, the Spy family can now work its wonders outdoor as well. Spy 39 W translates elegance and finesse into an outdoor wall light. Composed as a slender cylinder, Spy 39 W is available as a minimalistic down- or down-up luminaire. With its refined design, prolonged tubes and distinctive light effect, Spy 39 W adds body to your exterior.


Uho - Compact greatness

At first sight Uho appears to be simple. In close-up, the workmanship is revealed in the detail. The refined ratio of the body compared to its diameter, the small joints that create a sophisticated look, the softly curved hinge that perfectly matches the contours of its body. With Uho, elegance is in the detail. Uho is available as an accent light to add on to our small profiles Splitline 14 and Shiftline 19 and as a spotlight, where it comes as a single or double Clip version and as a triple unit for surface mounting.


Nime - Precision lighting

The mysterious precision lighting tool Nime is the result of a journey to the ultimate minimalism, a focus on the light rather than the luminaire. As a fully integrated architectural lighting solution, the body of Nime is entirely hidden in the ceiling, leaving nothing but an opening of only 10 mm. Nime is the latest innovation that comes out of the ongoing collaboration between lighting designer Dean Skira and Delta Light, and probably the tiniest luminaire ever made.

This minuscule aperture hides away cutting-edge optical engineering and patented technology, with a host of possibilities to control your beam. The Nime system and custom optics allow you to focus the beam, and adjust its angle, rotation, and tilt. All without compromising its defining minuscule size and guaranteeing a near zero glare. The tangible part disappears inside its heart, while the intangible part illuminates the space or object.

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CARIBONI Graphic Lighting

Discover new solutions for graphic and accent lighting of the facade, our renowned partner Cariboni group. Emi, Grapho, Micro and Omicron mini are four new products that will make the facade lighting of buildings and urban spaces visually inspiring!



Emi is new solution from Cariboni for the graphic lighting of boundary surfaces and transition spaces between the interior and the exterior of the city: thresholds, walls, niches, portals and windows.

In a city, building facades are comparable to thin membranes that divide the inside from the outside. When these membranes open, in the form of doors or windows, what is inside and outside merge into an imaterial, crossable boundary.

Silent design

The products in the Emi line have been designed to respect the aesthetics of the illuminated architecture. For this reason the shapes are linear, simple and essential and the dimensions are extremely small, with a depth of only 53 mm.

Ultra dry system

Emi has been designed for outdoor installation thanks to its IP66 degree of protection. The elegance of the shape and the compactness of the dimensions make the products of the line also suitable for indoor applications. Emi is equipped with an ultra dry system: the external cover is independent of the sealing system, which is guaranteed directly on the body, in order to avoid the risk of infiltrations due to an installation on uneven surfaces.



The fastening system designed for the Emi line allows a continuously adjustable inclination of up to 5° to compensate for any sloping installation surfaces.


The Emi line has been set up with a double access point for the power cable: bottom or side. The side inlet is designed to allow the connection to visible electrical installations, typical of historic facades.




Grapho, together with Mikro, is new solution for façade accent lighting, designed to enhance and describe urban night scenes with light.

Grapho can design the urban scenery by adding luminous lines or patterns, which can be combined with each other, to the vertical surfaces of the cities.

Silent design

The simple, linear and essential shapes respect the aesthetic value of the illuminated architecture. The depth of the product is extremely small, only 53 mm.


Mimetic design

Grapho, thanks to the cover, can blend into the background assuming the same finish as the installation surface. On request, indeed, the cover can be pre-treated with a special primer that makes it suitable for painting without altering its degree of corrosion resistance.

Optical configurations

The emission is grazing and illuminates the wall or façade on which the product is installed. Three different beam angles are available: blade, spot and wide beam.

Ultra dry system

Grapho has been designed for outdoor installation thanks to its IP66 degree of protection. Its elegant shape and compact dimensions also make it suitable for indoor applications. Grapho is equipped with an ultra dry system: the external cover is independent of the sealing system, which is guaranteed directly on the body, in order to avoid the risk of infiltrations due to an installation on uneven surfaces.



Mikro, together with Grapho, is new solution for façade accent lighting, designed to enhance and describe urban night scenes with light. Mikro can describe a place by emphasising the distinctive architectural elements of a building.

Silent design

The simple, linear and essential shapes respect the aesthetic value of the illuminated architecture. The depth of the product is extremely small, only 54 mm.

Optical configurations

The emission is grazing and illuminates the wall or façade on which the product is installed. Three different beam angles are available: blade, spot and wide beam.


Mikro is equipped with an integrated fixing bracket which, if necessary, can be adjusted to allow product orientation and fastening even in the most difficult installation conditions.


Mikro has been designed for outdoor installation thanks to its IP66 degree of protection. Its elegant shape and compact dimensions also make it suitable for indoor applications.



Omikron mini is the new floodlight in the Omikron line designed for architectural graphic and accent lighting. 


The formal choices have been guided by the search for essential geometries and the attention to details.

Optical configurations

The high colour quality of the light sources and the precision of the different light emissions make Omikron mini the ideal solution both to enhance architectural and natural elements and to emphasise facades and walkways with light lines. Omikron mini is available with different optics: narrow beam (10°), medium beam (25°) and blade of light (6°).


Omikron mini allows three different adjustments: the rotation of the fixing base (360°), the tilting of the body (+90° -45°) and the rotation of the optical unit by 355° for the orientation of the light blade.


Omikron mini is available in different versions: projector, pole-mounted for poles Ø 60 mm and with tige for wall or floor mounting.

Glass-structure coplanarity

The glass is coplanar to the mechanical structure to prevent the accumulation of water or dirt on the optical screen, regardless of the inclination chosen during the installation.


Cariboni - brochure

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IBF has delivered lighting system for the Šećerane Palace, a monument of Rijeka’s industrial heritage that has been restored and repurposed for the new home of the Museum of the City of Rijeka.

Delivery of lighting system is made of special spotlights for illuminating museum spaces renowned manufacturers Erco and Flos. For other spaces not included in museum exhibition were also used renowned EU manufacturers: Arkos, Illuxtron and RZB.

Lighting system is controlled with help of delivered Helvar system, which we programmed and put in operation according to designers requirements.

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ARKOS Step S & and Step XS are floor-recessed luminaires for signage functions. Both new sizes are discrete, elegant and functional. Step S & XS can be installed horizontally or vertically. This means that both are ideal for steps or lower parts of the wall, as well as for marking route, indicating perimeters, etc.

Step S and XS comes in three colors: in black and white as well as stainless steel. Step stands out for its miniature size, low consumption and exceptional durability. Step is discreet, elegant and functional; with the technical characteristics of a water-resistant LED lamp capable of withstanding the load loads of pedestrian and automobile crossings, for outdoor and indoor use.

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ARKOS - minimalist Fit with a new colour

New in IBF product portfolio is the ARKOS minimalist Fit with a new decorative colour: Gold. Fit can be a small detail, or it can be part of the interior design. The atemporal aesthetic and the high quality of the assembling provides value to the space.

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Trilux news 2020

TRILUX, kao vodećih proizvođača rasvjete u Njemačkoj, ponovo je dokazao da je predvodnik tehnologije kad je u pitanju tehnička i industrijska rasvjeta, predstavivši svoje novitete za 2020.

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...


CREAVO LED - the future-oriented light



Con vision – conforno svjetlo / visoka učinkovitost / smart senzori / varijacije boja i dizajna


SO-TUBE LED - industrial design meets modern led technology



Industrijski dizajn / visoka učinkovitost / kreativnost kroz razne opcije montaže




E-LINE NEXT – From experience. From the market. For the future



mnoge varijacije upotrebe / visoka učinkovitost / fleksibilnost /efikasnost / brza montaža


Kompletnu kolekciju E-LINE NEXT, sa svim mogućnostima i primjenama, možete pogledati klikom na slijedeći link.

You tube video montaže E-LINE sustava možete pogledati u slijedećem videu.


DUROXO G2 LED – The gas-proof led solution for special areas



potpuna plinootpornost / visoka praho i vodootpornost / izuzetna robusnost

Kompletnu kolekciju TRILUX X, sa svim mogućnostima i primjenama, možete pogledati klikom na slijedeći link.



JUNO + JUNO-TWIN – fascination of the free-form lens



specijalna fasetirana leća / vrhunsko usmjeravanje svjetla / nema blještanja / visoka učinkovitost



FACIELLA SLIM – powerful performance in a compact design



3 veličine / varijacije kuteva i jačina / ergonomićnost dizajna (tanak i lagan) / inteligentno upravljanje



LiveLink Light Management – when intelligence comes to light




Više o LIVELINK pametnom upravljanju možete vidjeti na slijedećem Youtube videu.


Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na TRILUX ISPIRATION BOOK 2020.

Generalni katalog TRILUX 2020/21 možete preuzeti na slijedećem linku.

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DELTALIGHT new collection 30

Renomirani brand arhitekturalne rasvjete DELTALIGHT, predstavio ne svoju novu kolekciju 2020, pod sloganom 'NEXT LEVEL', pri čemu žele naglasiti da prelaze na sljedeću razinu dizajna svjetlom, prelaze granice, posežu za novim materijalima, oblicima i još mnogo toga...

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...




minimalistički dizajn / slobodni oblici / fleksibilnost / visoke performanse (3045 lm) / vizualna udobnost




bezvremenski dizajn / više boja i materijala / 2 veličine 2 promjera / profesionalna namjena     




višestruka mogućnost ugradnje / 7 svjetlosnih efekata / vizualna udobnost svjetla / različiti kutevi svjetlosti i efekti

Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na novi LOOK BOOK 30...

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ARKOS collection update 2020

Inovativni brand arhitekturalne rasvjete ARKOS, predstavio ne svoju novu kolekciju 2020, u kojoj naglašavaju svoj minimalistički dizajn upotpunjen inovativnim rješenjima i kvalitetnim rasvjetnim tehnologijama.

Važno je naglasiti da je ARKOS dobitnik brojnih nagrada za dizajn, koje možete vidjeti u broshuri nove kolekcije (link dolje).

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...




minimalistički dizajn / minimalne dimenzije šine 15mm / napretne led tehnologije i mogućnosti / 2 RED DOT design awords




efekt nevidljivog izvora / homogenost svjetlosne linije / simetric & asimetric / dimenzije po mjeri

Kliklnite na broshuru BLACK FOSTER da biste vidjeli sve njegove mogućnosti... 


Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na broshuru ARKOS NEWS 2020...

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Notification for business partners and clients - Covid 19, 23.3.2020

Dear business partners and clients of IBF GROUP,

due to the serious situation caused by the corona virus, the IBF GROUP management wants to act with the utmost responsibility to its employees and the whole society by respecting all the recommendations and provisions of the crisis management committee, but we also want to continue to provide you, our business partners and clients, with maximum service and support in the given circumstances.

Based on the above mentioned the IBF GROUP, as of 23.3.2020, completely transfers its business activities to home office work.

All our employees are fully equipped and ready to provide you with maximum support from their home offices, same as they did before, with some restrictions due to circumstances.
The complete project office (9 lighting designers), logistics and finance service, and project managers are at your disposal for as long as the situation will allow.

Most of our factories are operational, and are ready for production and delivery, but with some time and capacity constraints as well.

We would like to ask you to please, as of 23.3.2020, direct your communication with IBF GROUP to the following contacts, mails and telephones:

MANAGEMENT / ibf@ibf.hr
Igor Ferenc / 091 105 5011 / igor.ferenc@ibf.hr

PROJECT MANAGERS (coordination of projects, sales and design)/
Ratko Selihar / 091 105 5053 / ratko.selihar@ibf.hr
Roman Drašković / 091 621 0689 / roman.draskovic@ibf.hr

FINANCES I LOGISTICS (coordination of finances and deliveries)/
financije@ibf.hr, logistika@ibf.hr
Mara Hostić / 091 105 5015 / mara.hostic@ibf.hr
Sonja Virkes / 091 105 5019 / sonja.virkes@ibf.hr

We will keep you up to date with all the further important information via email and our new website www.ibf.hr/novosti

With all the best wishes for health and happiness, we firmly stand by you!
Best regards!
Igor Ferenc, CEO


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Demanding lighting solutions and systems at the Split AIRPORT

The IBF team, in cooperation with the architectural studio VV PROJEKT from Split, and the electrical design company EL-TEAM 71, participated in the realization of the new terminal of the Split Airport, in the segments of LIGHTING SYSTEMS, LIGHTING MANAGEMENT and SECURITY SYSTEM.

Starting from expert consulting, design, sales and delivery, programming and commissioning of the aforementioned systems up to user training and handover, IBF PROJECT participated in all stages of project realization.

Due to the specific architecture and requirements, in many places custom made lighting solutions and products have been designed, tailored to specific ceilings, mainly with integrated addressable safety lighting.

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New lighting for the cozy surroundings of the legendary Ambassador Hotel ***** Opatija

IBF PROJECT participated in the renovation of the legendary Opatija Hotel Ambasador *****, in collaboration with the architectural studio DIZARRE and the electrical design house EL3D. Our team was involved in consulting, designing, selling and delivering, and programming and commissioning complete lighting, management and safety lighting systems.

Specificities and challenges were based on budget design, creation of comfortable scenic environments through spaces with a combination of technical, architectural and decorative lighting, and meeting all standards and requirements for this type of facility.

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Lighting of the winery of the future from Kutjevo

IBF PROJEKT, in cooperation with the renowned architectural office 2A, participated in the realization of the Galić Winery project, in the segments of light design, the project of lighting management, and project of safety lighting, as well as delivery of the complete equipment.

It is one of the few industrial projects where exceptional attention has been paid to 'detail' in all segments of the project, which ultimately resulted in a superior and unique product.

In the lighting segment, the main goals were to achieve pleasant scenic environments and emphasize the essential elements of the winery, starting from a specific decorative façade, through pleasing areas for tastings and gastronomy, to spaces with barrique barrels for wine ageing and the industrial facility itself dominated by high-end equipment and technology, which we further accentuated.

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