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IBF has delivered lighting system for the Šećerane Palace, a monument of Rijeka’s industrial heritage that has been restored and repurposed for the new home of the Museum of the City of Rijeka.

Delivery of lighting system is made of special spotlights for illuminating museum spaces renowned manufacturers Erco and Flos. For other spaces not included in museum exhibition were also used renowned EU manufacturers: Arkos, Illuxtron and RZB.

Lighting system is controlled with help of delivered Helvar system, which we programmed and put in operation according to designers requirements.

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ARKOS Step S & and Step XS are floor-recessed luminaires for signage functions. Both new sizes are discrete, elegant and functional. Step S & XS can be installed horizontally or vertically. This means that both are ideal for steps or lower parts of the wall, as well as for marking route, indicating perimeters, etc.

Step S and XS comes in three colors: in black and white as well as stainless steel. Step stands out for its miniature size, low consumption and exceptional durability. Step is discreet, elegant and functional; with the technical characteristics of a water-resistant LED lamp capable of withstanding the load loads of pedestrian and automobile crossings, for outdoor and indoor use.

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ARKOS - minimalist Fit with a new colour

New in IBF product portfolio is the ARKOS minimalist Fit with a new decorative colour: Gold. Fit can be a small detail, or it can be part of the interior design. The atemporal aesthetic and the high quality of the assembling provides value to the space.

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Trilux news 2020

TRILUX, kao vodećih proizvođača rasvjete u Njemačkoj, ponovo je dokazao da je predvodnik tehnologije kad je u pitanju tehnička i industrijska rasvjeta, predstavivši svoje novitete za 2020.

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...


CREAVO LED - the future-oriented light



Con vision – conforno svjetlo / visoka učinkovitost / smart senzori / varijacije boja i dizajna


SO-TUBE LED - industrial design meets modern led technology



Industrijski dizajn / visoka učinkovitost / kreativnost kroz razne opcije montaže




E-LINE NEXT – From experience. From the market. For the future



mnoge varijacije upotrebe / visoka učinkovitost / fleksibilnost /efikasnost / brza montaža


Kompletnu kolekciju E-LINE NEXT, sa svim mogućnostima i primjenama, možete pogledati klikom na slijedeći link.

You tube video montaže E-LINE sustava možete pogledati u slijedećem videu.


DUROXO G2 LED – The gas-proof led solution for special areas



potpuna plinootpornost / visoka praho i vodootpornost / izuzetna robusnost

Kompletnu kolekciju TRILUX X, sa svim mogućnostima i primjenama, možete pogledati klikom na slijedeći link.



JUNO + JUNO-TWIN – fascination of the free-form lens



specijalna fasetirana leća / vrhunsko usmjeravanje svjetla / nema blještanja / visoka učinkovitost



FACIELLA SLIM – powerful performance in a compact design



3 veličine / varijacije kuteva i jačina / ergonomićnost dizajna (tanak i lagan) / inteligentno upravljanje



LiveLink Light Management – when intelligence comes to light




Više o LIVELINK pametnom upravljanju možete vidjeti na slijedećem Youtube videu.


Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na TRILUX ISPIRATION BOOK 2020.

Generalni katalog TRILUX 2020/21 možete preuzeti na slijedećem linku.

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DELTALIGHT new collection 30

Renomirani brand arhitekturalne rasvjete DELTALIGHT, predstavio ne svoju novu kolekciju 2020, pod sloganom 'NEXT LEVEL', pri čemu žele naglasiti da prelaze na sljedeću razinu dizajna svjetlom, prelaze granice, posežu za novim materijalima, oblicima i još mnogo toga...

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...




minimalistički dizajn / slobodni oblici / fleksibilnost / visoke performanse (3045 lm) / vizualna udobnost




bezvremenski dizajn / više boja i materijala / 2 veličine 2 promjera / profesionalna namjena     




višestruka mogućnost ugradnje / 7 svjetlosnih efekata / vizualna udobnost svjetla / različiti kutevi svjetlosti i efekti

Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na novi LOOK BOOK 30...

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ARKOS collection update 2020

Inovativni brand arhitekturalne rasvjete ARKOS, predstavio ne svoju novu kolekciju 2020, u kojoj naglašavaju svoj minimalistički dizajn upotpunjen inovativnim rješenjima i kvalitetnim rasvjetnim tehnologijama.

Važno je naglasiti da je ARKOS dobitnik brojnih nagrada za dizajn, koje možete vidjeti u broshuri nove kolekcije (link dolje).

Iz nove kolekcije 2020 izdvajamo neke najinteresantnije novitete i familije proizvoda poput...




minimalistički dizajn / minimalne dimenzije šine 15mm / napretne led tehnologije i mogućnosti / 2 RED DOT design awords




efekt nevidljivog izvora / homogenost svjetlosne linije / simetric & asimetric / dimenzije po mjeri

Kliklnite na broshuru BLACK FOSTER da biste vidjeli sve njegove mogućnosti... 


Novu kolekciju najbolje možete doživjeti klikom na broshuru ARKOS NEWS 2020...

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Notification for business partners and clients - Covid 19, 23.3.2020

Dear business partners and clients of IBF GROUP,

due to the serious situation caused by the corona virus, the IBF GROUP management wants to act with the utmost responsibility to its employees and the whole society by respecting all the recommendations and provisions of the crisis management committee, but we also want to continue to provide you, our business partners and clients, with maximum service and support in the given circumstances.

Based on the above mentioned the IBF GROUP, as of 23.3.2020, completely transfers its business activities to home office work.

All our employees are fully equipped and ready to provide you with maximum support from their home offices, same as they did before, with some restrictions due to circumstances.
The complete project office (9 lighting designers), logistics and finance service, and project managers are at your disposal for as long as the situation will allow.

Most of our factories are operational, and are ready for production and delivery, but with some time and capacity constraints as well.

We would like to ask you to please, as of 23.3.2020, direct your communication with IBF GROUP to the following contacts, mails and telephones:

MANAGEMENT / ibf@ibf.hr
Igor Ferenc / 091 105 5011 / igor.ferenc@ibf.hr

PROJECT MANAGERS (coordination of projects, sales and design)/
Ratko Selihar / 091 105 5053 / ratko.selihar@ibf.hr
Roman Drašković / 091 621 0689 / roman.draskovic@ibf.hr

FINANCES I LOGISTICS (coordination of finances and deliveries)/
financije@ibf.hr, logistika@ibf.hr
Mara Hostić / 091 105 5015 / mara.hostic@ibf.hr
Sonja Virkes / 091 105 5019 / sonja.virkes@ibf.hr

We will keep you up to date with all the further important information via email and our new website www.ibf.hr/novosti

With all the best wishes for health and happiness, we firmly stand by you!
Best regards!
Igor Ferenc, CEO


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Demanding lighting solutions and systems at the Split AIRPORT

The IBF team, in cooperation with the architectural studio VV PROJEKT from Split, and the electrical design company EL-TEAM 71, participated in the realization of the new terminal of the Split Airport, in the segments of LIGHTING SYSTEMS, LIGHTING MANAGEMENT and SECURITY SYSTEM.

Starting from expert consulting, design, sales and delivery, programming and commissioning of the aforementioned systems up to user training and handover, IBF PROJECT participated in all stages of project realization.

Due to the specific architecture and requirements, in many places custom made lighting solutions and products have been designed, tailored to specific ceilings, mainly with integrated addressable safety lighting.

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New lighting for the cozy surroundings of the legendary Ambassador Hotel ***** Opatija

IBF PROJECT participated in the renovation of the legendary Opatija Hotel Ambasador *****, in collaboration with the architectural studio DIZARRE and the electrical design house EL3D. Our team was involved in consulting, designing, selling and delivering, and programming and commissioning complete lighting, management and safety lighting systems.

Specificities and challenges were based on budget design, creation of comfortable scenic environments through spaces with a combination of technical, architectural and decorative lighting, and meeting all standards and requirements for this type of facility.

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Lighting of the winery of the future from Kutjevo

IBF PROJEKT, in cooperation with the renowned architectural office 2A, participated in the realization of the Galić Winery project, in the segments of light design, the project of lighting management, and project of safety lighting, as well as delivery of the complete equipment.

It is one of the few industrial projects where exceptional attention has been paid to 'detail' in all segments of the project, which ultimately resulted in a superior and unique product.

In the lighting segment, the main goals were to achieve pleasant scenic environments and emphasize the essential elements of the winery, starting from a specific decorative façade, through pleasing areas for tastings and gastronomy, to spaces with barrique barrels for wine ageing and the industrial facility itself dominated by high-end equipment and technology, which we further accentuated.

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